Released posthumously - 2020

Recorded in 2008 the EMI Ep is finally here!

Announced winners of the EA Amplified Artist Search in 2008. Aplonea were thrusted in to the spotlight as one of the years hottest bands. Signing a record deal with major label EMI the same year, Aplonea was tasked with delivering a 5 track EP.

“At EMI Music Australia we have always been incredibly proud of our local artist roster. By partnering with EA for the EA Amplify Artist Search we hoped to discover the next generation of exciting Australian talent. We agreed that Aplonea and their track ‘To Love Again’ was a standout – it has all the right ingredients to be a multi – format radio song…a great vocal line and a wall of guitars. We look forward to working with Aplonea.” said John O’Donnell, CEO of EMI Music Australasia.

Unfortunately EMI passed on the record the same year and the tracks have never found a home. The EMI Ep showcases the band at the height of confidence, the record is loud, fast-paced and packed with riffs to die for.

Turn it up!


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EP 2009

Under the Cover of Sunlight

Short but sweet this 3 track EP explored Aplonea’s softer side. When compare to The EMI EP which was recorded about 6 months earlier you can hear how the band seek to balance their love for heavy guitars and beautiful ballads.

Independent 2008

To Love Again EP

Featuring arguable Aplonea’s biggest hit, the “To Love again EP” created the benchmark for all the records that followed.

With almost the entire record featuring on the debut album “Far from Here” this is where Aplonea’s signature sound was forged. From the the wall of guitars in “Art of Being” to echoing delays of Wildflower this record is a more than worthy addition to your daily playlist.


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Independent release: 2005

Wake Your Blissful Slumber

Probably one of the greatest names for a record ever, WYBS is a coming of age record of a band cross snitching genres and forming their own sound.  This record also features a nice acoustic version of Wildflower and the live crowd pleaser Halo.