Monster Love Rebellion find a home ten years on...

Great music is written everyday yet only select tracks reach the ears of the masses. At Oh no we thought wouldn’t it be great if there was a place that not only new music could be discovered but “old” music could be rediscovered! Enter our new category Unknown Legends.

Let’s kick things off with Monster Love Rebellion. Formed in 2008 after the split from Sydney band Aplonea. MLR recorded two eps and a handful of b sides before going their separate ways by 2010. Spanning multiple genres their experimental alt pop drew influences from The Beatles- to-Radiohead.

Founded by two brothers MLR were always more introverted than their peers, prefering to create music more for themselves than any audience. They switched genres frequently sometimes cinematic other times electronic and rarely performed live.

Listen to their catalogue below!

EP: One

Release 2008

EP: Two/B Sides

Release 2008