He who sold his soul at the cross roads, and in return given the power to play six strings like no man ever before or since.

We know little of Robert Johnson’s life. His place of birth; where he spent his adolescent years; and how he rose to be a legend.

What we do know as fact is on 29 tracks recorded between 1936 and 1937 in San Antonio & Dallas. These recordings are all Johnson ever made, he died aged 27.
Legend has it that before 1935 Johnson was an amateur guitar player at best. He played around Mississippi but never taken too serious by his peers. Around 1935 he disappeared only to return a year later as a master of the delta blues.

Johnson’s musicianship and legend has inspired generations of performers. From Bob Dylan to Keith Richards; Johnson is the root from which great artist grow.

Johnson died on August 16, 1938, near Greenwood, Mississippi, of unknown causes. In an account from a friend of Johnson “Sonny Boy Williamson” it wasn’t unknown it was sinister. A few days before while flirting with a married woman. An opened bottle of whiskey found away to Johnson’s table. Williamson claimed he knocked the bottle out of Johnson’s hand. But in a now famous quote Johnson replies “Don’t ever knock a bottle out of my hand.” He succumb to poisoning days later.